Peace-Your wedded companion.

Although happiness is a state of mind
It has the effect of environment where we live
You have no reason to be sad today
But sadness around- make you sad too
So have company- who make you smile
Keep you- mostly in the mood of delight
Laugh and Smile are twin sisters
Fall in love- enjoy the sisters
If you cannot love- flirt with them
They will serve you well and keep you fit
They will satisfy you- you satisfy them
Make them essential part- of your life
Greedy mind is an enemy of self
If greed you must
Greed for Love, compassion and peace
All are your friends
And always wishes for your well being
This far, no further- should be your motto
Whatever you get- partially pay it forward
Shower of god’s blessings is reserved for you.
Peace is then- like a wedded companion for you.


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